A Teen and five friends wrongfully accused of committing a crime were pulled over in Middle Island NY by Suffolk County Police.

The Suffolk County Police Department was in search of a group of teens who were damaging property with paint ball guns.
17 year old student Erica Matz was pulled over in her 1989 Plymouth Lion. She and five girl friends were on their way to a Christmas party. While driving, flashing lights appeared behind her “I wasn’t speeding, so I assumed maybe I had a tail light out” said Matz. Within moments, her car was surrounded by police. The five teens were told to exit the vehicle. Martz was cuffed and separated from the five other girls. “I had no Idea why I was pulled over, I didn’t have anything illegal on me” said Matz.
The police were searching the vehicle for paintball guns but none were found.
Matz and her friends were released without any charges.

cop car